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Our services are provided virtually. Events are primarily held in Brunswick County, North Carolina and the surrounding areas.

Our Services

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G.R.A.C.E. (Gaining Real After Care Experiences)

S.K.Y.L.A.R. (Stop Keeping Your Life at Risk)

Journals/ Workbooks

Online Workshops/ Courses

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Our Services

  • Health & Nutrition Education

  • Health & Wellness Webinars

  • Meal Planning & Preparation

  • Coaching Services (Individual/Family)

A Call to Action with H.E.A.R.O. INC. on the Forefront:

The Issue:
As a Brunswick County Native, I witnessed issues that affected marginalized communities. As a mom of multiples, I saw the need to connect with other
arents, to develop a village with community support. Cultivating a safe space
where parents can connect, strategize, and support one another, makes a positive i
mpact within the community. Our Non-Profit Organization is focused on initiatives to raise awareness towards a mother's mental health and
environmental issues that directly impact her physical health and family.

Why it is an Issue:
Mental Health awareness is on the cusp of a breakthrough, especially in
Maternal and Child Health. While there is significa
nt focus on the impact of
nting during the postpartum period, studies have proven a mother’s mental health is af ected from conception, throughout pregnancy, and afterbirth process. Due to a high display of microaggression, racially charged antics, blatant racial disparities, and a lack of empathy towards a mother’s mental health, we have seen an increase in postpartum depression. There has been an even greater impact within our marginalized communities, which prompted our call to action for women’s mental health. As a vigilant community member, I recognized the impact of H.E.A.R.O., by educating and equipping our community with the tools to excel. I attended a local event with Democracy Green, geared towards quality drinking water. Through qualitative anecdotes, I learned how accessing clean water can influence pregnancy, during and after birth. I also realized the negative impact on pregnant mothers, from the lack of clean water. While our organization educates the community on various health topics, we will hold our 1st Annual Retreat and Course Launch geared towards a woman's mental health. During our retreat we will connect everything full circle, in relation to Maternal and Child Health and the Clean Water Initiative. Additional webinars and seminars will be of ered to educate the community on the impact of contaminated water and the steps to access clean water.

Project Impact:
Implementing community support and enhancement programs will lead to
additional partnership opportunities, through our Healthy H.E.A.R.O. Program
Initiative. To ensure quality work is produced, the following specialists will be
utilized to include Marketing & Content Creation; Venue; Catering; Supplies;
Education; Healing; Vendors; Staff; Other Misc. Funding for these projects will
 the costs to hold the Retreat and launch the courses. It will also allow us to offer funding for those who may not be able to afford costs associated with
attendance. Funds raised for this project, as well as future ones will go towards

Postpartum Baskets & Meals, Scholarships, Program Expenses, and Capital
towards H.E.A.R.O.'s future Community Center.

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