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As a serial entrepreneur, avid leader, and advocate for women, ShaKema Morgan has turned her passions into purpose. Growing up in a single parent home and eventually becoming a single parent herself, ShaKema knows the struggle of trying to maintain health, career, and home life when you're lacking the resources. Knowing the leadership potential inside of herself, she began to envision the day she would be able to implement and provide ways for others to thrive in the same way she was. 

In 2010, ShaKema received a B.S. in Health Education & Promotion from East Carolina University. In 2013, she obtained her Masters in Healthcare Administration from Pfeiffer University. ShaKema is currently working towards her PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Liberty University. With over 12 years of financial management experience and over 7 years of HR management, ShaKema has been able to gain valuable insight on the importance of balance.

ShaKema Morgan



“What better way to leave this world than to be remembered by what

I have done for others through my dedication to providing service.”

After several years of working for various organizations in the healthcare field, ShaKema decided to pursue opportunities that would allow her to create a better work-life and financial stability. Shortly after, she created her non-profit organization, H.E.A.R.O. Inc (Helping Everyone Achieve Realistic Outcomes).


ShaKema now uses her knowledge of Health Education and Promotion, Maternal & Child Health, Athletic Training, Community Health, Mental Health, Nursing Homes, Home Care, and Hospitals to inspire a holistic way of approaching wellness. She is passionate about transforming the way people view their mental health and helping them achieve a more fulfilling life. Her goal is to create a community wellness and recreation center for H.E.A.R.O. to cultivate support for children and families.

It is ShaKema's personal goal to “Help Everyone Achieve Realistic Outcomes”, one service at a time. ShaKema is available for public speaking events, hosting retreats, and educational opportunities to empower families to achieve an overall wellbeing. Contact H.E.A.R.O. today to set up an appointment, and achieve your realistic outcome. We look forward to working with you.

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