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About H.E.A.R.O.

Our Mission

H.E.A.R.O. INC. is committed to promoting holistic well-being and mental health services to our communities. Through advocacy, education and innovative programs, we strive to empower individuals to overcome the challenges in life by  cultivating resiliency. HEARO's goal is to improve the quality of life  through our Health Coaching and Postpartum Support services. We are here to bridge the gap where families do not have to choose between caring for their children or working to fulfill their purpose. 

Our Vision

HEARO was founded to ensure that comprehensive health is prioritized, without  facing the stigmas associated with asking for help . We envision communities with thriving individuals. HEARO is working to reduce environmental factors that hinder individuals mental and physical health. We can achieve this by advocating for accessible resources, such as clean water, nutritious food and mental health support, 

Along with the organization’s corporate goal; H.E.A.R.O. is the beginning of a new way to collaborate health services for individuals. The organization prospectively plans to meet the needs of the Clientele and provide effective and efficient care. Furthermore, the organization hopes to achieve these goals to aide in the reduction of health costs which is a benefit to overall healthcare. Initially, H.E.A.R.O. conducted a random survey of the target population to determine the need for services. The goal is to “Help Everyone Achieve Realistic Outcomes,” one service at a time.

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