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About H.E.A.R.O.

      H.E.A.R.O. is a community outreach organization created to meet the growing demand of healthcare. H.E.A.R.O.’s primary focus is to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors and improve an individual’s overall well-being. There are currently budget cuts and a need for Health Educators and Consultants. H.E.A.R.O. will provide advice and link individuals with necessary services to improve and promote healthy lifestyle changes.

      The organization's corporate goal is to provide the highest quality of services to individuals which include: Health/Nutrition Education, Fitness Training Referrals, Counseling Referrals, Mental Health Services, Medicaid Services, Scholarships, and Consulting. Consulting services include: developing business plans, resumes, interviewing skills, and a variety of other services. An initial consultation will be provided to determine what services the individual will benefit from. The consultation will include a general health/nutrition assessment along with necessary privacy forms. H.E.A.R.O. will also provide Volunteer Opportunities.

      The organization will further achieve these goals through the development of applications for smart phones, online access for services, continuous communication via email, and a 24-Hour crisis referral for Counseling services.  With the growing need for health education, it’s important to collaborate with local agencies and businesses that provide these services, to expand access for individuals who are not currently receiving the services H.E.A.R.O. will provide.

     Along with the organization’s corporate goal; H.E.A.R.O. is the beginning of a new way to collaborate health services for individuals. The organization prospectively plans to meet the needs of the Clientele and provide effective and efficient care. Furthermore, the organization hopes to achieve these goals to aide in the reduction of health costs which is a benefit to overall healthcare. Initially, H.E.A.R.O. conducted a random survey of the target population to determine the need for services. Following this is a business plan for H.E.A.R.O.’s development and implementation. The goal is to “Help Everyone Achieve Realistic Outcomes”, one service at a time.

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